Greetings XRP fan or cryptocurrency researcher!

You have landed on my old blogging site!  The new one is here:  https://coil.com/u/Hodor

As of June 7th, 2018 I no longer use this site actively, although to view my archived posts, this site is the best.

Why I Changed Sites

My new site, Coil, is a blogging platform that uses XRP to compensate content creators like myself.   It’s generally free for readers, and has a wide variety of authors and other artists’ content.

I hope you enjoy the new site, and also try reading material from some of the other authors on Coil!

If you Subscribed To My Blog Previously

If you subscribed to this site previously, first let me humbly say “thank you.”  I appreciate your support of my blog and also value your readership.

The new site also has a subscription option if you’re interested:


I look forward to hearing your feedback on Twitter, Reddit, XRPChat, or any other social media.  I hope you enjoy the new Coil blogging platform!

Thank you & Sincerely,